About Amasya

Located in the region of Middle black Sea, Amasya is founded on the slopes of Mt. Harşena in Yeşilırmak Valley. With its over 7500 years historical background it hosted many scientists, artists, poets and became a training city for the sons of ottoman sultans. First steps of the Independence war of Turkey also took place in Amasya. Along with these historical and cultural richness, Amasya especially takes attention with Riverside Houses constructed along the shore of Yeşilırmak during Ottoman times.  If you want to see a fascinating antic city where history and nature mingles and where you can see the best marble apples, cherries, peaches and okras. Amasya is waiting for you with its cosy and hospitable people. 






People can easily  reach through highways, railway and air to Amasya. It is possible to arrive  by bus from all cities of Turkey. There are daily mutual flights from istanbul to Amasya and  Amasya-Merzifon Airport is 45 km. away from city center. Amasya is also on the route of Sivas-Samsun railway. If the Seaway is preferred; Samsun is 120 km. away from Amasya.



 Amasya City Centre Map